iTunes Feature Wish List (part 1)

Ok. There are a lot of applications for which I have feature wish lists. iTunes happens to be one… and since I use it a lot… and since it’s all new and “version 7” now… and since it’s missing just a few features that I think would make it extremely nice… I’ve decided to put a few posts on ye olde bloge to let Apple know1 what they should put at the top of the v7.5 feature list.

Now, keep in mind, these aren’t huge changes. They are simple little things that would fix things that annoy me2.

So, here’s the first thing that would make iTunes sooooo much nicer:

iTunes Sound Check Preference

That’s right! A preference that applies sound check only when shuffling! Simple, isn’t it?

But it would fix a major issue for me. Songs that make up an album are mastered to have specific levels in relation to each other. Sound check messes the flow up majorly. However, when shuffling, it’s really nice to have a consistent level across all songs because songs from different albums have drastically different levels.

That’s all for now. Cheers.

  1. because they read my blog every day ↑ back up there
  2. and possibly a few other people ↑ back up there

comment feed And the ensuing discussion…

  1. 1

    Oct 8th, 2006 at 11:08 pm e

    Fun stuff; how about instead of an option just-for-shuffle; an option for consecutive songs that are not from the same album? I mean I have playlists that are songs not from the same album that need sound check; but also albums that are mostly groupings of albums that don’t need soundcheck. So just, if the next coming song is from this album, don’t touch the sound volume?

  2. 2

    Oct 8th, 2006 at 11:21 pm Jason

    Good point. I had forgotten about playlists. Maybe iTunes should just adjust the volume per album instead of per track. Each album gets a certain volume adjustment amount.

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